We’re Going To Philly!

This Summer 2020, our friends at Laos In The House will host the 5th national gathering of the Lao American Writers Summit in Philadelphia, PA.

Marking the 45 years of Lao Americans in the U.S., 2020’s theme is “Showing Up + Showing Out” a reflection of the ways in which we, as individuals and organizational collectives within our communities, have shown and continue to show up to support each other in our endeavors. In addition, the Summit is also expanding this year’s title to “Lao American Writers + Other Creatives” (LAWS+) with the tagline “Tell your story, in any way that you can” to include artists whose works aren’t centered on literary publication.

We’re also excited to announce that this year’s Keynote Speaker is director, writer, producer, actress and founder of the Laos Angeles collective, Kulap Vilaysack.

We’re currently hosting our fundraiser campaign – donations of $25 or more automatically get pre-registered for LAWS+. Click here for more info